Little Miss - Mia McCrae

Young Miss - Emily Garcia

Little Miss - Alessandria Cardenas

Young Miss - Melanie Rodriguez

Young Miss - Analia Bermudez

Petite Miss - Carmela Castañeda

Tiny Miss - Chandler Chiasson

Little Miss - Brianna Thompson

Little Miss - Jessalyn Galvan

Miss - Jacquelyn Herrera

Tiny Miss - Kristalyn Castañeda

Miss - Isalma Moreno

Tiny Miss - Isabel Gatica

Junior Miss - Elaina Escobedo

Young Miss - Mia Solis

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Young Miss - Kimalexis Roman

Tiny Miss - Emme Garcia

Miss - Denay Peña

Junior Miss - Crystal Figueroa

Young Miss - Maricela Garcia Ontiveros

Tiny Miss - Jennika Triana

Junior Miss - Kimberly Olguin

Junior Miss - Angelica Castro

The Mexican Heritage Society of  Port Arthur, Texas

Petite Miss - Raina Garcia

Miss - Ariel Wimberly

The Fiestas Patrias Online Photo Contest was named to honor and pay tribute to when the festival was known as "Fiestas Patrias" starting in 1968. From that beginning it has evolved into what is now known as The Mexican Heritage Fiesta.  Visit us at Fiesta this year and purchase a program book which gives an in depth historical summary of how it all began those many years ago!

Junior Miss - Anahi Briseño

Little Miss - Estela Torres

Petite Miss - Sophia Hernandez

Little Miss - Ava Peña

Petite Miss - Layla Howell

Little Miss - Izabella Garcia Perez

Tiny Miss - Giuliana Magaña


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